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A List of Undocumented Immigrants? Really?

Posted by italco on July 12, 2010

The list — 1,300 names long — claims to be illegal immigrants living in Utah.

Sent to the Standard Examiner last week, it came from an anonymous sender claiming to represent a group of people concerned about immigration.

“We are tired of seeing our country — and our state — continue to allow illegal immigrants to remain here,” writes the sender, who notes copies were sent to at least a dozen agencies and media outlets.

This is wrong in so many ways…talk about profiling!!

Someone has stolen medical records from somewhere.   I hope they prosecute the sender.

It is a crime to steal personal documents.
You can not commit a crime to uncover another crime or to  further a cause even if your cause was just.
What are you so afraid of? Why such obvious prejudice?

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Tax Payers Off Hook 4 Oil Spill

Posted by italco on June 16, 2010

The Obama administration and BP reached an agreement Wednesday under which the company will place $20 billion in an escrow account to pay damage claims resulting from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The company, whose chairman announced Wednesday that it would not pay dividends to shareholders for the rest of the year, will also contribute $100 million to a fund that supports unemployed oil workers.

Speaking to reporters in the State Dining Room of the White House, President Obama called the agreement “a good start” that will reassure “the people and small businesses I was talking to in the Gulf that BP will meet its responsibilities.”

“I’m absolutely confident BP will be able to meet its obligations to the Gulf Coast and to the American people,” Obama said. “BP is a strong and viable company and it is in all our interests that it remains so. This is about accountability. At the end of the day, that’s what every American wants and expects.”

Thank you President Obama. Your efforts are very much appreciated. This is very good news.

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Oil Slick in Utah?

Posted by italco on June 13, 2010



“A leak from Chevron’s underground oil pipeline may have gone undetected for hours as it spilled 50 gallons of crude a minute Saturday into Salt Lake City’s Red Butte Creek.

The oil blackened the east-side creek, stained scores of birds, prompted the closure of Liberty Park and sent oil as far west as the Jordan River.”

We now have a “Land vs Water” Oil spill disaster for the oil companies to be proud of and compare data. I will say, we had a much better response to this pipe line break.

I am finally convinced that our dependancy on oil needs to end. Too bad it took two major spills to get me there.

How many spills will it take for the rest of the country to get on board?

I only pray we find no corruption issues related to this spill….

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Accountability in 3, 2, 1…

Posted by italco on May 10, 2010

“Bennett, seeking a fourth term after 18 years in office, became the first sitting senator to fall in the ideological battle being waged in his party. Although he has long been viewed as a reliable conservative with deep Mormon roots, Republicans rallied behind two other candidates — neither of whom has held political office — who will compete for the nomination at a June primary.

Until this year, Bennett faced few challenges in this reliably Republican state. In 2004, no one opposed him for the Republican nomination, and his general election victory was so assured that he didn’t spend a penny on television ads. In 2006, he earned a 93 percent approval rating among Republican primary voters.

But Bennett came under fire from conservative activists for voting for then-President George W. Bush‘s bank bailout measure in 2008 and, more recently, for working with Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) on a health-care overhaul bill. Bennett has also taken heat for reneging on his campaign promise in 1992 to serve just two terms. He is also a close adviser to McConnell, and he sits on the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee, which opened him to blame for ballooning government spending.”

The two remaining candidates — lawyer Mike Lee and businessman Tim Bridgewater, both of whom courted tea party voters — faced off in a third ballot. Because neither won 60 percent of the vote, they will compete again in a June 22 primary election. Either way , Utah is all but sure to elect a candidate in the fall with significant tea party support.”

I do not believe anyone was more upset over the 2008 “TARP” bailout than I was. It was a massive last minute special interest money grab allowed to occur by the sitting congress. Accountability is an absolute must in this election cycle. That being said, I do feel the pain of Senator Bennett, his family, and his staff. Thank you for your service to Utah. 

The two candidates left in this election will be interesting to watch. Do they gamble that the far right now has the power to get them elected? or does the winning candidate reach out to the moderate and less conservative Utahns?

It is my humble opinion that this opens the door for a moderate Democratic candidate to step in and steal this open Senate seat. To assume it is automatic that a republican conservative is guaranteed to win would be to under-estimate the democratic party (again). Utah has many moderate voters on both sides of the aisle and the Republicans are split in their decision of Mike Lee (who appeals to the extreme right) and Tim Bridgewater (Moderate to Conservative). If these two republican candidates can keep from conducting negative campaigns against each other, then one of them might win. If they go negative, a democrat is more likely to swoop in and steal the seat! 


SC Senator, Jim DeMint (R) has been anointed the “Conservative Kingmaker” and may be a key component behind the removal of Senator Bennett in the republican primary. He has endorsed Mike Lee…

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Coffee Anyone?

Posted by italco on March 14, 2010

We demand a government that responds to the needs of the majority of its citizens as expressed by our votes and by our voices; NOT corporate interests as expressed by misleading advertisements and campaign contributions.

We want a society in which democracy is treated as sacrosanct and ordinary citizens participate out of a sense of civic duty, civic pride, and a desire to contribute to society.  The Coffee Party is a call to action. Our Founding Fathers and Mothers gave us an enduring gift — Democracy — and we must use it to meet the challenges that we face as a nation.

Unlike their Tea Party counterparts, who want a smaller government with less influence, coffee partiers believe government can provide solutions, and they want politicians to work together in a more civilised way.

“We need to get together as citizens and show them [politicians] that we can sit down and talk about these issues; that we can solve problems and develop solutions; that we may not agree on everything, but that we can agree on a lot,” says Mr Clayton.

Despite the reactionist origins of her group, Park says the Coffee Party doesn’t want to be seen as the anti-Tea Party. Like the grass-roots conservative movement, Park says people drawn to the Coffee Party feel the federal government doesn’t represent them, either. The two groups might even have a lot to talk about.

“I think it’s important for us to actually meet with people who identify themselves as Tea Party members and sit down and have coffee or tea with them,” she says.

“In fact, after they dumped tea into the harbor, the Continental Congress declared coffee the national drink,” Park adds. “That became the solution to the problem.”

I am very happy to see a movement like this come along at the exact time it is needed.

No progress or even positive change will come with the anger of the right and the gloating on the left.  

We need to find the center and have civil discussions.

We need “tolerance” and solutions.

Beat The Drum

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The Independence Caucus Approach!!

Posted by italco on February 25, 2010

I was invited to participate in the selection process of 3 Conservative Candidates looking to derail Senator Bob Bennett in the Republican Senate Primary. My participation will also include a vote in determining who will be the Candidate that the Caucus will endorse in this Senate race.

I have been invited to ask any question I choose with no limit in the number of question I can ask. Rather than abuse this privilege, I elected to ask 4 questions that are important to me. I hope they are important to you as well. I asked the following four questions to each of Candidate’s; Mike Lee, Cherilyn Eagar, and Tim Bridgewater.

“Many feel there is a need for ethics reform in congress. We feel owning stock in corporations you govern, to be a conflict of interest. Ethics committee members in the House and Senate do not have to answer to the general public and only answer to their specific constituents. With this in mind, do you agree there a need for “ethics reform” if so, are you willing to champion that cause in Washington?

What is your stand on Term Limits in congress?

How will you approach the corruption issues in congress? (gifts in kind, stock ownership, lobbying,etc…)

What is your plan to bridge the divide between liberal democrats and conservative republicans?”

I will post their responses here as they answer…this should be interesting.

“Beat The Drum”

Received replies:

Tim Bridgewater

From Tim:

Term Limits: I have committed to support term limits legislation every year for the six-year term if elected. I believe three terms for the Senate and six terms for the House is the right number to ensure a regular turnover of representatives. I am not optimistic that I will win a majority of support among the permanent political class, but if elected you will see a bill proposed every year to that end.

Corruption in Congress: Transparency and disclosure must be strengthened. All existing ownership of stock, real estate or other assets must be disclosed and then placed in a blind trust. Anyone who votes on issues which impact those holdings must publicly disclose before the vote any holding and a conflict of interest. It is better to abstain from votes where there is a conflict of interest and I will do so. No gifts in kind should be received outside of those allowed under the current campaign finance laws, all of which must be disclosed and reported quarterly in campaigns. People do contribute their time and/or materials in helping my Senate campaign and I am grateful for their support. Every three months those contributions are reported publicly by my campaign.

Bridge the divide: The country needs sound principles to guide us. We are all Americans and in order to get the country on sound footing, we will need to work together. The out of control spending is a major hurdle to our country’s ability to compete and succeed and I believe that many Democrats will join with me in the 2010 class in reducing the debt and returning control of the country to the states in order to reduce spending. It is a imperative that we take action quickly on reforming entitlements and balancing the budget for future generations.”

Cherilyn Eagar

Question – “Many feel there is a need for ethics reform in congress. We feel owning stock in corporations you govern, to be a conflict of interest. Ethics committee members in the House and Senate do not have to answer to the general public and only answer to their specific constituents. With this in mind, do you agree there a need for “ethics reform” if so, are you willing to champion that cause in Washington?

Cherilyn’s Answer –
Ethics reform in the US House and Senate is absolutely necessary; however, not in the form of the unconstitutional Ethics Reform Initiative petitions now circulating in Utah. We can start reforming Congress by stopping unconstitutional and inappropriate earmarks and the horse trading of votes. The 2nd and 3rd Icaucus videos make this corruption very clear. I own annuities and mutual funds, but I do not have any governing ownership of any corporation outside of the company my husband and I own. That company provides Internet marketing for the real estate field. That is the source of our income. I have no conflicts of interest with any company I own outside of the U.S. or with any client directly paying me a salary or income. My vote cannot be bought, sold, traded or gambled away in a senatorial back room deal

Question: “What is your stand on Term Limits in congress?”


Answer: I do not support a term limit amendment or amending the Constitution. No one who understands the original intent of the Founders would support the amendments that are being used as clever sound bites in this race. We would do better to eliminate the power of the incumbent party, as promoted by the Icaucus videos.

I support restoring the Constitution and repealing several amendments that have removed the accountability of the Senator to the state. Term limits would be my last resort because they would not solve the problem about which we are concerned, and they would make that problem worse: The Incumbent Party which sends 90% of them back election cycle after election cycle is a “follow the money” problem, not a term limit problem.

In addition, the unconstitutional 4th branch of government would gain more control than it already has. The agency wheels already keep on turning administration after administration and this would increase and we would be controlled even more by bureaucrats.

The states that have term limits have given us some history now which shows what an ineffective solution this would be: The elected officials play musical chairs from one house to the other.

The other problem, seniority, is more easily solved by simply requiring a rule that the committee chair position be rotated each session.

We need to rip out the roots and stop merging business with government, follow the money and audit the Federal Reserve. The best term limit is at the ballot box.

I do not foresee my serving more than two terms. If I can’t get my goals accomplished in that time, I need to pass it on to someone else.

Question: How will you approach the corruption issues in congress? (gifts in kind, stock ownership, lobbying,etc…)


Cherilyn’s Answer:
First, I will not take corporate contributions. I am funding this campaign primarily with grassroots funding. In the Fourth Quarter, we raised more grassroots funding that each of the reporting candidates combined. We need an earmark moratorium and transparency, bills our incumbent opposed. Transparency is better than limiting donations.

McCain-Feingold caused a different problem: favoring incumbents and the wealthy.

A Senator that discloses a conflict of interest should not be allowed to sponsor or vote on that bill. If the federal government would stop meddling in the private sector and stop merging business with government, there would be fewer lobbyists.

If you follow the money, you will follow the corruption. Corporations fund both sides of the aisle, hedging their bets. Earmarks are payback for campaign contributions. For example, EnergySolutions funded our incumbent Senator about $50,000, then it turned around and funded Sen. Harry Reid. Then Senator Bennett championed ES’ bill to bring foreign nuclear waste to Utah while Cong. Chaffetz opposed it. The only candidate in this Senate race that supports that legislation is the candidate that receives income directly from that corporation.

Mike Lee

 “Reply by Dan Hauser 4 hours ago

Edward, I apologize for having to answer in pieces to your questions. Since Mike has been doing events across the state, we have been answering as fast as possible. This is the first of his answers to your questions:

in regards to term limits (per Mike): I support term limits

As to your other questions, I will have the answers as quick as I can”

It is now 11:30 pm and I have posted the responses to my 4 questions to all 3 Candidates. I have to go cast my vote now. I am not certain I will announce who I voted for because I still need to see what other races and Candidates are doing. In this particular cacus, I was impressed with the respect I was shown and to find out the things I have in common with the Conservative thinkers in our State.

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No Campaign Ethics? Say it Ain’t So, Joe!!

Posted by italco on February 18, 2010

“McCain was trying to use me,” Wurzelbacher said, according to public radio correspondent Scott Detrow. “I happened to be the face of middle Americans. It was a ploy.”

 “I don’t owe him s—,” Wurzelbacher continued. “He really screwed my life up, is how I look at it.”

In fact, Wurzelbacher’s dislike for McCain is so strong that he no longer supports Sarah Palin simply because Palin will campaign for McCain’s re-election.”

This story is less about “Joe The Plumber” and more about the type of political campaigns we fight against.

I can understand “kissing babies”, “shaking hands”, and “photo opportunities”, but this was so far out there that it went way beyond any and all ethical boundaries. I wonder if it amounts to anything criminal?

This story needs to be told. 

Tell the whole story “Joe”…do the right thing this time!

We need to hold them accountable!!

If they can’t run a respectable and ethical campaign, what makes us think they will run our country with ETHICS?

NOW is the time for ethics reform, NOW is the time for Term Limits, NOW is the time for financial reform.

Beat The Drum

Vote them out! ..Let’s force them to be ethical!

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Vote Them ALL Out – Senator “Beats The Drum”

Posted by italco on February 16, 2010

 Sen. Evan Bayh declared the American political system “dysfunctional,” riddled with “brain-dead partisanship” and permanent campaigning.

Bayh argued that the American people needed to deliver a “shock” to Congress by voting incumbents out en masse and replacing them with people interested in reforming the process and governing for the good of the people, rather than deep-pocketed special-interest groups.

I am proud of you Senator Bayh. It is about time a politician puts his/her country before their own political ambition. He is exactly correct and what we need.

We need to vote for reform in congress…not the rhetoric and obstructionism from the right or the left…we need “REFORM”…Ethics Reform and Term Limits.

Beat The Drum and use our vote to make them put their country first!!

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The Lone GOP Vote!

Posted by italco on February 14, 2010

“Mr. Corker, in the middle of his first term in the Senate representing Tennessee, said he “absolutely” would be willing to buck his party if necessary to pass a bill cracking down on financial market abuses and creating new rules to prevent firms from becoming “too big to fail.”

The comments came the day after Mr. Corker and Sen. Christopher Dodd (D, Conn.), chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, announced that they would be negotiating the wide-ranging legislation after Mr. Dodd reached an impasse with the panel’s top Republican. Mr. Corker, speaking Friday in an interview to be run on C-SPAN on Sunday, suggested discussions on Capitol Hill on regulatory overhaul matters have not always been made in good faith.

“Do you want to get to yes or do you want to get to no as quickly as possible,” Mr. Corker said, suggesting he thinks that he and Mr. Dodd can craft legislation that receives “overwhelming” support from both sides of the aisle.

Mr. Corker’s decision to work with Mr. Dodd puts him at odds with his party, not least because he is still new in terms of Senate seniority. He acknowledged the situation is “unpleasant” and “awkward,” suggesting he definitely isn’t being lauded by members of his caucus.

“I realize there are going to be repercussions,” he said. ”

Repercussions? Why?

Isn’t this what we  want our representatives to do?

Is it the republicans  goal to “obstruct” the democrats ?

Are the Democrats excluding the republicans from being part the solutions?

The right points at the democrats and accuse them of excluding the republicans from being a part of the solutions and the left is pointing at the republicans and accusing them of obstruction…

Can we see what they come up with, in their “joint” bill, before jumping all over them?

I am extremely tired of all the finger-pointing and would really love to see a joint effort to find solutions instead of tearing each other apart before the attempt is even made.

Good job Senator Dodd and Senator Corker…stand by your principles and don’t cave to your party’s interests. This is the United States Of America, not the Divided States! Good luck and thank you.

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Term Limits In Congress?

Posted by italco on February 1, 2010

One of the most important reasons for adopting term limits is to reduce corruption in Congress. Term limits will attract a different sort of politician: one who is more interested in promoting the welfare of his or her country rather than in pursuing a lifelong career. Our proposed amendment limits members of the House to three two-year terms, and members of the Senate to two six-year terms. No one would be allowed to serve in Congress, either as a Senator or a Representative for more than a total of 16 years.

The above is a portion of the term limits amendment being proposed by They are currently proposing 4 amendments;

1. Balanced Budget Amendment

2. Term Limits Amendment

3. Judicial Selection Amendment

4. Unfunded Mandates Amendment

I sent them a message requesting they add an additional amendment called “Ethics Reform Amendment”.

a) No gifts in kind given or accepted

b) No elected government official be allowed to accept any gratuity (it isn’t allowed by government employee’s it should not be acceptable of our elected government officials).

c) No stock ownership of any corporation they directly or in-directly govern

d) Adopt an independent Ethics Committee with the power to enforce ethics rules on both the House and the Senate. 

e) Make the ethics committee accessible to the public (as it stands now, the House and the Senate ethics committee members only answer to their direct constituents).

Let your voice be heard…send them an e-mail and together we will be heard!!

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