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End Corruption In Congress! “Beat The Drum”



“Beat The Drum”

“Now” is the time to end corruption in government! “Now” is the time for accountability!!

In 2010 there will be 435 + House Of Representatives seats and 36 Senate seats up for re-election (88% of Congress).

These are the people responsible for our current economic crisis. This is our opportunity to ask questions of those who allowed our country to fall to the depths of economic hardships we just experienced.

We cleaned up the Whitehouse with our vote!  Now” it is time to reform the way Congress does business!!

Why are Congress Committee Members allowed to have personal investments in the industries they govern? We do not tolerate conflicts of interests in regards to our “Law Enforcement” agencies, why do we tolerate conflicts of interest with our “Law Makers”? Maybe the key is to re-design the “Ethics Committee” in the House and the Senate and hold them more accountable for their In-actions where ethics enforcement is concerned…less hand slapping and more “example making” seems to be in order. 

How can “We The People” make a difference?

First, We need to demand that accepting gifts is not an acceptable practice. This is where corruption starts. We must end the practice of accepting gratuities as common place in congress and our government agencies.

Then, We need to vote wisely in 2010, pick the candidate based on ethics, not  just their “claimed” moral values.

Campaign contributions –
Reasearch Individual Candidates –  and/or 

We can Demand our ethics laws to be enforced; 

Ask your Representatives and Senators if they would be willing to give up their “right to privacy” in regard to their investment portfolio? Rather than take measures to prohibit their right to invest, we only need to make such investments “public knowledge”.

Expose their investments and we create transparency in congress!

We can get involved in our Party!!

Go to your party website and help them out. / /or any one of the political parties that participated in the 2008 election

Beat The Drum…and force them to be ethical.

Write to your White-house

The House of Representatives


The congressional Oversight Panel

The Office of Government Ethics

Provided to us by fellow blogger and ireporter “CTLSS”

Senate Select Committee on Ethics
202-224-2981 Committee on Standards of Official Conduct

Corruption isn’t going away on it’s own, Demand ethics reform in Congress!!


10 Responses to “End Corruption In Congress! “Beat The Drum””

  1. Blabs said

    Hey Ed,
    How awesome is this…..sorry but I have not been online much….and I never learned my way around wordpress……but I just HAD to check this out….specially after receiving the notice that someone actually running for office commented on your post…..
    I will have a little time off next week…..on Tuesday and Wednesday and I promise to catch up with what you have been posting…and with you also….
    Hope all is well…..Miss you around the other site…though like I mentioned I may log in once or twice a week there and waste about 20 minutes…and I am off…..
    Been working too many hours, and with two teenagers in the house…
    Not much time for the cyber stuff……..Hope you and yours are good….
    Awesome post…..and thanks for always remembering me…..Hugs Blabbylips

    • italco said

      Thanks Blabbs…I believe we all connected in such a way that I will probably never be able to forget. It was a dawning of the computer blogging age in politics and will go down as historic. It was a pleasure being a part of that with you. You and I will need to chat on IM and catch up. It’s 2010 and the drum is still beating against government corruption. I will not stop until change comes to congress. They are hearing the drum beats…come say hi here or on IM anytime. You are missed. xoxox Ed

  2. I was very encouraged to find this site. I needed to thank you for this special read. I definitely relished every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to find out new stuff you post.

  3. euandus said

    I think ethics reform in the Congress is important, but I would argue that the 17th amendment has increased the likelihood of such lapses. If you are interested in this, pls see

  4. I usually don’t post on Blogs but ya forced me to, great info.. excellent! … I’ll add a backlink and bookmark your site. 🙂

  5. Ann Nonomus said

    I might have missed it, but one other place I like to keep up with is, they have a place where you can sign up and according to your residence, will email you, if you request, how your particular reps voted on the issues, and what issues are coming up. It also has a great option of sending your reps how you stand on the upcoming issues… It’s worth checking out.
    Excellent post -italco! Thanks for the info!

    • italco said

      Excellent suggestion. I went to the site and played around with it. The site is very user friendly and will be an excellent additional tool is this upcoming 2010 elections. I added it above…Thank you Ann

  6. italco said

    Getting involved is how “We” make a difference.

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