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    • While we don't fault all his positions, but we do reject his positions on the Federal Land Initiatives,... Ethics and Accountability 1 year ago
    • Great example of unity...walk into enemy territory and find common ground. Well done Madam President! Ethics and Accountability 1 year ago
    • This is ridiculous for our political leaders to be so heavily involved in this issue. Having Militia groups... Ethics and Accountability 1 year ago
    • Trump has lost control of the hatred he inspires and the Republicans have lost control of the Candidate they... Ethics and Accountability 1 year ago

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I am a patriotic man who isn’t afraid to give his opinion on a wide variety of topics. I am a very political “Moderate” with an “Anti-Corrupt Government” agenda. Ethics is not something you preach, it is a lifestyle!

It could be said that I am the type of man who usually chooses the road less traveled. I believe anyone can accomplish any goal so long as they are driven to take the necessary steps to get there and that they learn from their mistakes. You only fail when you quit!

I am a football junky, play fantasy football, and love the NY Giants. In College football I like the Utes and OU. Baseball is, of course, Yankees.

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