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Our Immigration Issues, who’s fault is it?

Posted by italco on October 28, 2010

When the industrial revolution first came to America, our Corporations went to Africa and brought their labor force to America through slavery. We forced them to come to America. 

When slavery was abolished, corporations turned to (legal) immigrants coming here from other countries (give us your poor) for general labor. We asked them to come to America!

When unions stood up for the rights of the workers, Corporations turned to Undocumented workers for general labor. We ignored our laws and encouraged them to come. 

Now that American Corporations can farm out their labor to other countries like China, Americans are left sitting here with limited labor jobs and an influx of undocumented workers. Disposable labor force?

Corporate America created this problem due to their need for profit, damn the rest of us!!


5 Responses to “Our Immigration Issues, who’s fault is it?”

  1. mcoville said

    I think you and I agree on a lot and are close to agreeing on a whole. This is the kind of rational discussion we need to have more of in America.

    So let me summarize how I see a solution based on both our suggestions.
    1. Bring home our foreign based military to help secure the borders.
    2. Heavily fine any business that employs illegal immigrants.
    3. Immediately deport any illegal immigrant that is found to have committed a crime.
    4. Create a process to allow families with American born children to become legal citizens, after a period of time.

    The next step is to express these opinions to our law makers and make them understand that the people want to see a resolution to this problem. I am optimistic that a solution can be found to this and any other problem when the people are involved. We have let the politicians run our country for too long, tonight that changes. Thank you again for a informative and honest discussion.

  2. mcoville said

    I sympathize with those that cross our boarders illegally to try and better there situations, but I have more respect for those that apply for citizenship and come here legally. Contrary to your statement “Then enforce our laws after we give everyone here a chance to be leagal.” we have given everyone a chance to be legal, they choose to skip it.

    I know several people that have come here legally on work visas, most from South American countries, and are waiting to become a citizen, but because of the number of people that choose to ignore our laws and “jump the line”, the law abiding immigrants have to wait longer.

    Why should we reward those that have broken our laws before we reward those that have gone through the process as required by our laws?

    As for your punishment of companies that hire illegals, using the tax code as a form of punishment does not work. From the time of FDR until today, administrations have said they use tax benefits and increases as ways to influence the actions of businesses. This practice has almost always resulted in friends of the administration, or those that can afford lobbyists, can afford the punishments. Publicly disclosed fines and other legal actions to label offenders in the public eye. Fines can also be used to fund deportations and/or border enforcement.

    “Criminal activity by an individual here illegally should result in deportation.” And this is one area that President Obama’s administration has done a great job. In the last 2 years we have deported more illegal immigrants that have broken additional laws than Bush did in the last 4 years of his administration.

    • italco said

      Enforcing our laws after…is in reference to shoring up our boarders first. We can’t enforce any laws if the influx continues without some sort of enforcement on the boarders. Our military could easily secure our boarders if we so chose. Once the boarders are secure, then be as humane as possible in dealing with families and children. It is extremely difficult for me to put women and children on rail cars and buses and send them across the boarder. Maybe a humane system could be set up between the two countries that would give incentive for some to return of free will….I am certain a peaceful solution could be met once the boarders are secure.

      The taxation issue was a reward not a punishment and tax rewards do work. The removal of the tax benefit to farm out jobs isn’t a punishment…it needs to happen for Americans!

  3. italco said

    I would suggest giving tax credits to corporations for creating American jobs and take away any tax credit from those who farm out their product lines to other countries. I would then balance fair trade with realistic restrictions to ensure the same quality coming into America meets the same standard as American made. Start a campaign to buy “American Made”. Fix this loop hole and our jobs come home. Then work on the mindset of our corporations and show them how looking after your employees interests will also fuel their best interest.

    I would bring our troops home and secure our boarders. I think we have done enough damage in the middle east. Those here would be welcome to re-apply for a work visa or volunteer to go back because without it…no one will hire you and you will not qualify for social services (but give ample time). Then enforce our laws after we give everyone here a chance to be leagal.
    Criminal activity by an individual here illegally should result in deportation.

  4. mcoville said

    I agree with you, we should fine any business that employees illegal immigrants. What do you suggest we do with those illegal immigrants that have broken our laws to be here?

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