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GOP…still no plan?

Posted by italco on July 17, 2010

Sometime after Labor Day, House Minority Leader John A. Boehner plans to unveil a blueprint of what Republicans will do if they take back control of the chamber. He promises it will be a full plate of policy proposals that will give voters a clear sense of how they would govern.

It’s not that Boehner (Ohio) is arguing for a cease-fire. The debate among Republicans comes down to this: The speaker-in-waiting, for all his love of political combat, thinks that voters will not trust GOP candidates if their attacks don’t also provide at least some substance. The consultants argue that public anger, if properly stoked, alone can carry the party over the finish line. In their view, getting bogged down in the issues is a distraction and even a potential liability.

At some point and time I really believed the GOP would formulate plans for the betterment of America. I truly believed they would have written legislation that would have competed with or even enhanced Democrat proposals.

When will they learn that anger is not in the “best interest” of America. Anger is NOT the way to win an election.

We can see you…we see your plan and it amounts to nothing more than the first empty document Boehner slammed down on his podium 2 years ago.

Before the GOP does anything…they really should consult with Sarah first. At least she puts the word “Hell” in front of “NO”


2 Responses to “GOP…still no plan?”

  1. nite2day said

    first line should say GOP not COP…

  2. nite2day said

    italco.. hi, how can this man promise anything in a clear sense of anything? The COP has not been clear on anything for years! Look at the last government and the mess they left behind!! Sorry to keep bringing up that point.. but it’s true!
    Mr.Boehner would not know how to put together any kind of relevant package let alone “blueprints” IF they ever got back into power!! He is a dreamer and I think has spent way too much time in the tanning bed!! OMG he goes from orange to purple within a few days… Tax payers pay for him to play golf instead of his job of seriously trying to solve the problems within his own party!

    The entire party is still in a mess!! They STILL do not get it!! They are still using the race card even at this late date!!
    I would hope for the future the GOP would get rid of pretty well everyone and start over.. A fresh start with people of integrity instead of a bunch of back benchers and leeches!! Milking the tax payers so they can sit in a fancy office doing nothing all day!! They have not proven themselves that they can run the country!! They are still crying over the last election and losing to a yes I will say it.. a black man!! President Obama might not be perfect and nobody on this planet is perfect.. but he is doing his job! good bad or indifferent.. He is doing his job.. I pray for him everyday… and his family… The GOP is right now a lost cause.. get some new blood in there… make the debates worthwhile instead of wasting people’s precious time!
    Great post!!

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