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Accountability in 3, 2, 1…

Posted by italco on May 10, 2010

“Bennett, seeking a fourth term after 18 years in office, became the first sitting senator to fall in the ideological battle being waged in his party. Although he has long been viewed as a reliable conservative with deep Mormon roots, Republicans rallied behind two other candidates — neither of whom has held political office — who will compete for the nomination at a June primary.

Until this year, Bennett faced few challenges in this reliably Republican state. In 2004, no one opposed him for the Republican nomination, and his general election victory was so assured that he didn’t spend a penny on television ads. In 2006, he earned a 93 percent approval rating among Republican primary voters.

But Bennett came under fire from conservative activists for voting for then-President George W. Bush‘s bank bailout measure in 2008 and, more recently, for working with Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) on a health-care overhaul bill. Bennett has also taken heat for reneging on his campaign promise in 1992 to serve just two terms. He is also a close adviser to McConnell, and he sits on the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee, which opened him to blame for ballooning government spending.”

The two remaining candidates — lawyer Mike Lee and businessman Tim Bridgewater, both of whom courted tea party voters — faced off in a third ballot. Because neither won 60 percent of the vote, they will compete again in a June 22 primary election. Either way , Utah is all but sure to elect a candidate in the fall with significant tea party support.”

I do not believe anyone was more upset over the 2008 “TARP” bailout than I was. It was a massive last minute special interest money grab allowed to occur by the sitting congress. Accountability is an absolute must in this election cycle. That being said, I do feel the pain of Senator Bennett, his family, and his staff. Thank you for your service to Utah. 

The two candidates left in this election will be interesting to watch. Do they gamble that the far right now has the power to get them elected? or does the winning candidate reach out to the moderate and less conservative Utahns?

It is my humble opinion that this opens the door for a moderate Democratic candidate to step in and steal this open Senate seat. To assume it is automatic that a republican conservative is guaranteed to win would be to under-estimate the democratic party (again). Utah has many moderate voters on both sides of the aisle and the Republicans are split in their decision of Mike Lee (who appeals to the extreme right) and Tim Bridgewater (Moderate to Conservative). If these two republican candidates can keep from conducting negative campaigns against each other, then one of them might win. If they go negative, a democrat is more likely to swoop in and steal the seat! 


SC Senator, Jim DeMint (R) has been anointed the “Conservative Kingmaker” and may be a key component behind the removal of Senator Bennett in the republican primary. He has endorsed Mike Lee…


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