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Republican Congress Says NO! Again?

Posted by italco on April 18, 2010

All 41 Republican senators have signed a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid saying they are opposed to the financial regulation bill put forward by Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell’s office announced today.

Republicans had sought to send Democrats a letter threatening a filibuster of the financial reform bill, but Sen. Susan Collins of Maine would not sign onto the letter, the Hill reports.;lst;2

“Obama said he still hoped to win Republican support for the bill but lashed out at Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell, accusing him of making a “cynical and deceptive assertion that reform would somehow enable future bailouts — when he knows that it would do just the opposite”

18 months ago I was involved in a debate on CNN ireports with several conservative republican bloggers in reference to the conservative republicans “circling the wagons” and immediately attacking President Obama and his agenda before President Obama was even sworn into office.

Over the past 18 months, I have witnessed the conservative and republican bases develope into  movements (tea party, birthers, constitutionalist, independance caucus, ect…) and have watched as  the republican congress have “unsuccessfully” attacked, obstructed, and voted against every single piece of legislation the President has attempted to get passed into law.

On the flip side, I have watched the democrats broker industry and personal agenda deals which have only served to fuel the public’s mistrust in them. Talk about handing the conservatives and republicans the ammunition to attack them with.

I warned the conservative movements then and have continued to advise that the answer is not “anger”. Anger will only back fire on the party spewing the rhetoric. The answer is to truly put your country before self, party and industry (with sincerity). That means getting behind your President and working with those on the opposite side of the aisle. Didn’t we vote and send them to Washington to represent us?

Posturing, spinning, and just saying No just doesn’t fly with me.

I am disgusted with our Congress on both sides of the aisle. There is no ethics and too many conflicts of interest. I plan on supporting the candidate(s) who runs on ethics reform and means it. With 88% of congress up for re-election, this election should be about “Accountability”…after all, isn’t this the same Congress that took us to the brink of economic collapse?


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5 Responses to “Republican Congress Says NO! Again?”

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  2. Tom Degan said

    If a tree falls in the forest….

    ….does it make a sound if Mitch McConnell is not there to deny that a sound was made?

    Tom Degan

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