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Reforming Congress On Way Out?

Posted by italco on February 21, 2010

“Bayh has issued a call for the Senate to change its venerable filibuster rules, making it tougher for a minority to block action.

Right now, it takes 60 of the 100 senators to overrule a minority that wants to block a vote on legislation or nominations. Bayh said the number should be changed to 55. Bayh also wants to require filibustering senators to be physically present, something that used to be the rule as the above Sleeping Beauty shot attests.

Defenders of the Senate filibuster argue that it’s an integral part of an institution and that the nation’s founders wanted the upper legislative chamber to act as a parliamentary speed bump, forcing deliberation and compromise into the law-making process. Critics say it’s an undemocratic and outmoded piece of legislative arcana that thwart the will of the nation’s majority.

And just who are the defenders of the filibuster? Why Republicans. . . and Democrats. And who are the critics? Why Democrats. . . and Republicans. Which side they take depends on whether they happen to be in the majority or minority at the time.”

I am getting a clear picture.

If they are planning on staying in congress they have no intention to call for reform of any kind…but, once they decide they have had enough, they want make the “correct” changes for America.

I am starting to like the “Term Limits” reform of an earlier post. Maybe knowing they are leaving sooner than later, they will want to leave a legacy for others to follow.

“Beat The Drum” for an honest and ethical Candidate to step forward and run on “Ethics Reform”! 



5 Responses to “Reforming Congress On Way Out?”

  1. As a Freshman, I am always researching online for articles that can help me get further ahead.

    • italco said

      feel free to use anything I have posted for your research. It is all linked to it’s source. thanks for commenting.

  2. panama said

    Outstanding post – and solid domain by the way!

  3. nite2day said

    The whole concept of anyone no matter what party they represent and stopping bills or legislation from going through for the benefit of “the people” should be fired! The last few days in particular the news has been reporting that there are something like 55 bills to be passed like for example.. a jobs bill??? and it is the republicans putting the stop to this and many other necessary things that need to come about and now in order to get the country on track. No wonder people are pissed off and complaining so much.. Gee so much is being hidden from them and so it leaves a lot of citizens.. tax payers… in the dark as to what exactly is really going on. I know President Obama is doing his best to get things going.. he is constantly up against the evil nasty negative people …mostly republicans.. that are doing nothing but damaging the nation!! I hope he will stop extending the olive branches and kick them where it hurts.. NO MORE MR NICE GUY.. is how to deal with these evil doers!!
    They say they are for something off camera then on camera go compeletely against it.. that is sick behaviour! no wonder the public is so confused all the time.. I hope more of these rats get exposed for the rotten to the core kind of people they are and get removed from all forms of government.. They need to revamp the entire system!

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