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No Campaign Ethics? Say it Ain’t So, Joe!!

Posted by italco on February 18, 2010

“McCain was trying to use me,” Wurzelbacher said, according to public radio correspondent Scott Detrow. “I happened to be the face of middle Americans. It was a ploy.”

 “I don’t owe him s—,” Wurzelbacher continued. “He really screwed my life up, is how I look at it.”

In fact, Wurzelbacher’s dislike for McCain is so strong that he no longer supports Sarah Palin simply because Palin will campaign for McCain’s re-election.”

This story is less about “Joe The Plumber” and more about the type of political campaigns we fight against.

I can understand “kissing babies”, “shaking hands”, and “photo opportunities”, but this was so far out there that it went way beyond any and all ethical boundaries. I wonder if it amounts to anything criminal?

This story needs to be told. 

Tell the whole story “Joe”…do the right thing this time!

We need to hold them accountable!!

If they can’t run a respectable and ethical campaign, what makes us think they will run our country with ETHICS?

NOW is the time for ethics reform, NOW is the time for Term Limits, NOW is the time for financial reform.

Beat The Drum

Vote them out! ..Let’s force them to be ethical!


4 Responses to “No Campaign Ethics? Say it Ain’t So, Joe!!”

  1. Jamie said

    I also have a problem with ethics violations in some cases!! Sarah Palin is a prime example of people filling complaints in hopes to financially hurt someone!! She stepped down because of these “ethics complaints” that were not just costing her a fortune but the state of Alaska as well!! None of them found to be true either! There are to many bad people out there just waiting for the chance to go after someone they don’t agree with!! Its disgusting and pathetic!!!

    • italco said

      If you truely are against making statements that are un-true then you must be critical of everyone, including Sarah Palin, and not just those picking on Sarah Palin.

      I listened to her speech to the Tea Party movement and she is just as guilty of making un-true statements.

      Besides, it was McCain and Sarah Palin that shoved Joe the Plumber down out throats for months, all the while knowing it was just a ploy! I don’t feel sorry for any of them. I am tired of this kind of politics from both sides…its time for accountability on both sides of the isle!!

  2. Jamie said

    Look, so why even bother listening to this crap??? He was all about his “15 min of fame” when it was going on! so now that he has switched opinions and is on a campaign to attack mccain and palin everyone wants to give him a more favorable spotlight??? This is rediculous in my opinion and why people buy into this crap is beyond me!!!

    • italco said

      Jamie, I want to thank you for commenting and am very happy to have you participate in any story posted.

      I do agree that this is crap and he shouldn’t be given any credit for coming forward. We also have to keep in mind his motivation for coming forward. It was crap when he was pushed on us in a campaign, and it is crap now.

      My point for posting this is not to give Joe additional fame, but to point out how un-ethical todays politics are. We need to put an end to the rheteric, un-ethical campaigning, and un-ethical politics.

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