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Let The Battles Begin

Posted by italco on January 28, 2010

— On Wed, 1/27/10, Tim Bridgewater <> wrote:

From: Tim Bridgewater <>
Subject: Bridgewater Finishes Ahead of Bennett in KSL Poll

Bridgewater for Senate
Tim Bridgewater

KSL poll validates what previous polls have been saying all along, that Utahns believe it is time for a new generation of leadership in Washington D.C.

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Thanks to all of you who voted in the KSL poll this past week. With over 2000 online votes cast, we captured 33% support and Senator Bennett had less than 15%.

This poll validates what a previous Deseret News Poll revealed: that Utahns believe it is time for a new generation of leadership in Washington D.C.
Who Would Get Your Vote in Utah’s 2010 Senate Race?
Note: You must turn on 'Display Images' in your email browser to see poll results

(Based on results of KSL poll conducted Jan 2010)
It is time to elect leaders who believe in a limited role of government and personal responsibilities, leaders who will push for market-based solutions not government fixes.

If you agree with me and would like to join my campaign, please click here

I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.

Yours sincerely,
Tim Bridgewater
Candidate for U.S. Senate

Bridgewater for Senate –


I received the above e-mail from a Republican candidate who is attempting to replace Senator Bob Bennett in the 2010 elections here in Utah. I am not Anti-Republican and will listen to both sides of the issue. I do have certain criteria that I will require of the candidate I support, republican or democrat!

I answered his e-mail.

 “Mr Bridgewater

 I can not support a candidate who campaigns on continuing to do battle with the Whitehouse in Washington while not addressing the corruption in congress.

 Nothing will ever be fixed in Washington while our Representatives have portfolios that are not transparent. No Representative or Senator should be allowed to be invested in the very corporations they write laws to govern.

 The conflict of interest is the very core of the corruption and partisan issues that got us in this mess. Run on transforming ethics in Washington and you will win!! I do agree, Senator Bennett’s time is up, and it is time to reform our congress…88% is up for re-election (435+ in the House and 36 in the Senate). Time for accountability and ethics change.

 Myself and many other Utah Moderates can see past the bull…we want ethics reform and accountability!…Can you deliver that?”

I will post their response if and when I receive it.

*See comments for Mr. Bridgewater’s response!…add your own.


9 Responses to “Let The Battles Begin”

  1. seanbond said

    Hey Italco… Sorry, you’re emails dropped into my junk folder for some reason.

    Site is looking great! Well, It’s hard for me to voice any opinion on the races in a state which are so far away. Here is my feelings on Washington… Interesting, there was a Bridgewater family who lived in my hometown.

    It is my feeling that the problems in Washington are centered around this old guard who has been there too long. I believe that Senators should only have 2 terms and Congresspeople 4 terms since I think they have just 2 year terms. This would prevent congress from getting too involved with lobbyists and more involved with the people they represent.

    Next, it is my feeling that these extreme right wing nut jobs are s significant threat to the safety and security of this country, as all you need to do is watch these independent videos on my blog…

    Finally Someone in the Republican Party who has some balls needs to put a permanent mussel on that Wasilla Hillbilly, as some of her recent posts on Facebook are not only filled with lies, but she is fueling these tea bag nut jobs with misinformation and it it continues, the civil unrest in this country is going to get very ugly.

    Keep up the great work… Catcha later 😉

    • italco said

      Hi Sean…nice to see you again. If you look over on the right of my screen there is an organization called “Fix It Together”. They are calling for several admentments and one includes Term Limits. The only issue I have with them is they need to include an amendment for ethics reform. I sent them an e-mail voicing my support as well as a request to include Ethics Reform. Check it out and make your voice heard as well…we all have to speak up as one to be heard!! Thanks for stopping by. It was great to see you again. Your site looks great and I agree…Muzzle the Palin…lol.

  2. What a wonderful blog! Please continue this great work I will be sure to check back regularly

  3. I found your blog post while searching Google. Very relevant especially as this is not an issue which a lot of people know that well�

  4. italco said

    Mr Bridgewater

    Thank you for responding directly to this blog. Specifically, I am referring to stock ownership.

    I would like to see complete disclosure and transparency of the portfolios of any member of congress who sits on a committee, which writes bills that govern Wall Street. The lobbyists and special interest groups have too easy of access to our politicians.

    I would like to see laws put into effect that do not allow such conflicts.

    To have independent ethics committees, that are accessible to the general public, to be the enforcers of the ethics laws we have in both the House and the Senate. As it stands now, the ethics committee members answer only to their specific constituents.

    Thank you for taking the time to hear and answer us. I will follow your campaign and ask questions as suggested.

  5. italco said

    Please feel free to comment.

    • Edward, thanks for the questions. If you go to my announcement address on our website ( you will find my overall message of reforming the U.S. Congress, including earmarks, budgets, entitlements and the reckless spending that has been perpetuated by both Republicans and Democrats. Transparency and accountability are critical and as you follow our campaign, I hope you will comment on what you agree or disagree with on issues important to the country. I am a conservative, small business owner and I feel that Washington, writ large, has taken destructive actions against both our country’s economic strength and the American citizen’s opportunities to succeed.

      As for financial conflicts of interest, financial disclosures are already required, but should be made more readily available and more specific, & I would be happy to listen to your specific recommendations for our Senators and Congressmen on this particular issue.


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