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Utah Reforms Government Ethics

Posted by italco on January 21, 2010

House GOP rolls out ethics reform package!
Republican lawmakers are formulating their own ethics reform package.The Deseret News reports House Republicans rolled it out after a closed-door caucus session Wednesday.

The package includes a constitutional amendment to create a five-member, independent ethics commission. The commission would consist of three retired judges, a retired House member and a retired state senator.

House Republicans also are pushing for four other changes:

  • Monthly campaign finance reports
  • More information included on conflict of interest forms — including ownership of stock above $5,000
  • Further disclosure of gifts, and a ban on all gifts over $10
  • Campaign donation limits — $10,000 for statewide races and $5,000 for senators and representatives

House Majority Leader Kevin Garn, R-Layton, calls the proposal “unprecedented.”

This is exactly what the State of Utah needs. I am very happy to see new “ethics reform” bills being rolled out on a local level.

Utah can now serve as an example of what we need on a national level.

I realize we already have ethics rules on the books but the part about “stock ownership” transparency has been one of my biggest issues and one of the most un-regulated forms of government corruption.

This is not a party issue. Ethic issues exist on a bipartisan level and need to be reined in on a bipartisan level.

Ethics reform is something we can all come together on!!

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7 Responses to “Utah Reforms Government Ethics”

  1. David said

    Will this really be better than what we currently have? Don’t we already have ethics checks through the people? We are supposed to keep track of our representatives and if they are not behaving as we would like we oust them! Simply putting a few people in charge of ethics is a horrible idea! WHAT POWER to this small group of individuals. It would be WAY to easy to become corrupted and not only that, you didn’t even write about how they are appointed for life and have unlimited money. They could single handedly destroy Utah if they so chose. It would be a shadow government that we put in place. Utah would in fact cease to be a free state. Who could actually support something like this? If you don’t understand where I’m coming from please read this:
    Fortunately my senator completely opposes the ethics initiative. Lets just hope the sheep er people don’t vote for it in referendum.

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  3. italco said

    The issue is your name title being a URL and it is kicking you to spam. Thank you for commenting, I hope you visit often. You should be good to go now.

  4. This is my primary visit and I adore what I’m discovering. Your weblog is so much fun to go through, pretty interesting as well as educational. I’ll undoubtedly recommend it to my buddies. However, I did have a bit of difficulty with commenting. It kept giving me an error whenever I tapped on post comment. Hopefully, that can be repaired. Many thanks!

  5. italco said

    I would support “total Stock ownership disclosure” if any member of government sets on a committee that governs the corporations they are invested in.

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