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2010 In Da House!!

Posted by italco on January 2, 2010


While all 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives are theoretically up for grabs next year. In reality, however, only 10-15% are actually contested in most years. Many seats are held by deeply entrenched incumbents (such as John Murtha in Pennsylvania’s 12th District and Don Young in Alaska) who have been in their seats for decades, have a track record of bringing home the goods for their constituents, and are therefore so popular with their constituents that they can stay in office as long as they want to. Others, like John Lewis (GA-5) and Jason Chaffetz (UT-3) represent districts with a very strong partisan lean and face little or no opposition from the other party.

This year, however, could be different. The electorate is very divided. Conservatives will be very motivated after two consecutive bruising election cycles. Progressives may be disappointed in what they see as the failure of the current government to go far enough and stay home next November. And there is a higher number of freshmen representatives seeking their second-term and retiring representatives leaving open seats than is normal. While 2010 might not be a repeat of 1994, the Republicans still stand to make significant gains, even more so than the President’s party usually loses in his first midterm elections.

The above article is an excellent read and I can agree with most of what it says but feel the need to add my own opinion to key elements that are going to affect this years race.

The conservative party has severely damaged its creditability in their efforts to derail and oppose every bill congress tried to pass this past year. The most critical damage was their opposition to the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor. The GOP took a hard-line against an entire race when they opposed her nomination. The hispanic community is not going to be very forgiving of the GOP over this.  The other key eliment is the Black community. All the grandstanding comes across as prejudice and does not set well with the “majority” of Americans who have been bearing witness to it all. 

In the past, there has been a division of the two races within the two parties. It should be interesting how well the Democrats come out of this with the majority of the 2 races in their camp.

Another area of concern and interest to me is the “Palin Factor”. While most of us view her as a bit of an airhead and don’t take her too seriously, there is a faction out there who worship the ground she walks on. 

My take on the effect she will have is based on her past. She and Todd have a history of going against the political grain and may very well be attempting to form a 3rd party, which in turn, would divide the GOP to even lesser strength than it has already has lowered itself to.

I believe the Democrat’s will become stronger and the GOP will lose additional seats.

I said this a year ago and will say it again. Stop focusing on President Obama and focus on your country. We need to be “United”.

We are not the “Divided States Of America” please quit trying to make us that way.




3 Responses to “2010 In Da House!!”

  1. […] Back in January of this year, I wrote an article called “2010 In Da House”  […]

  2. italco said

    Shall we add yet one more factor?…the GOP’s inability to get along within it’s own organization. Their primaries should be fun to watch.

  3. italco said

    I am a little angry with the GOP. They don’t seem to be able to get out of their own way long enough to be a part of the solution to our problems. They are very good at pointing out the problems…now if they would just help find the solutions. It’s their fault they can’t stop legislation. they screwed up when they were in charge. Having no voice is their consequence.

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