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Is “Fear” The GOP’s Only Weapon?…

Posted by italco on January 1, 2010


Political furor over the attempted bombing of Northwest Flight 253 has thrust national security back to the center of American politics, with Republicans and the White House scrambling to blame each other for intelligence lapses and present themselves to voters as tougher on terrorism.

GOP opinion leaders such as former Vice President Dick Cheney have seized on the attack to question President Barack Obama’s grasp of foreign affairs. Republican Party officials have sent fund-raising appeals that take aim at Mr. Obama’s response to the episode.

Republican strategists said in interviews that they saw an opportunity to regain the traditional advantages on security issues that failed them in the past two national campaigns, as the economic downturn and public opposition to President George W. Bush’s policies in Iraq took primacy in voters’ minds.

Wasn’t “fear” the weapon of choice to take us into Iraq?

Wasn’t “fear” the weapon of choice during the 2004 and 2008 elections?

I have noticed this tactic being used in GOP politics throughout my entire life and have finally come to realize that this party of “NO” is also the party of “FEAR”.

VP Cheney, you and the GOP have lost credibility with the american voters. 

Try getting behind our President and help us re-build our country. Leave your personal agenda at the door.

The GOP has had many opportunities to step up to the plate and join the rest of America. It is obvious you can do nothing to stop the Democrats from achieving their goals. I would think you would want to be part of the solution instead of always being the Party that does nothing but vote NO.

President Obama is the President Of The United States of America. Isn’t it time to show some support?

“Fear” isn’t going to work anymore and your “NO” vote has no teeth.

Now what you going to do? Lie to us some more?


7 Responses to “Is “Fear” The GOP’s Only Weapon?…”

  1. italco said

    TD – Showing support to your Commander in Chief is called Patriotism. Chosing neither side is call “fence riding”. It is an easy place to park ones self rightous beliefs in order to pass judgement upon which ever side is conveinent. I find it cowardess and self serving. Your opinion means even less to me than that of the right wing conservative. Crawl back in your hole and hide. We’ll let you know when it is safe to come out.

  2. italco said

    TD – Thank you for proving my point. Your one demensional thinking and closed mindedness is exactly what got us in this mess in the first place. The majority have voted you and yours out of office and running this country and for good reason. You and yours screwed up and to be quite frank with your self appointed Sr ass…you are dismissed…your vote no longer means anything and has no value. Had your opinion mattered you and the GOP would have stopped the Health Care Bill. All you have become is the same “gas” that put your leader, Rush Limbaugh, in the hospital. You did it to yourself Sr.

    • TD said


      Only one of us continually flees back to the safety of their snuggly party politics.

      I couldn’t care less about party. Were your mind independent enough you would, from what I wrote of following a President, logically conclude that I would also not follow either another political party’s leader nor a radio talk show host – and for largely the same reasons.

      It hardly surprises me that one so party-blind would like to devalue the power of the vote of others living in the same democracy as themselves. Your mama might have told you that you were a very special child but as a grownup you are painfully common in both parties.

  3. TD said

    As opposed to…

    …the imminent catastrophic threat of “global warming” then “climate change” and then “OK, so it will probably cool for like 30 more years (the maximum length of the speaker’s grant accepting career) and then it will get REALLY hot” that requires the immediate grab of individual freedom and trillions to prevent “unprecedented” disaster.

    …the imminent catastrophic threat of health insurance costs (if they are talking to those with) or health insurance inequity (if they are talking to those without) or the frightening reality that not all 300 million of us are yet forced to be customers (when talking to those that sell to buy Baucus his cocktails) that requires the immediate grab of individual freedom and trillions to prevent ‘unprecedented” disaster.

    …the imminent and catastrophic threat of global financial collapse and the national rise of unemployment to 8% if the $800 billion stimulus package wasn’t passed immediately and without without wasting time on revealing which slush funds it would be funneled into and, along with the omnibus and debt ceiling raises, required the immediate grab of individual freedom and trillions to prevent “unprecedented” disaster.

    “NEVER LET A SERIOUS CRISIS GO TO WASTE…IT’S AN OPPORTUNITY TO DO THINGS YOU COULDN’T [get away with] DO BEFORE.” – White House Chief of Staff Rahm (I included as part of my personal resume that I lost my finger fighting in the Israeli Special Forces but then later got caught lying and had to admit I lost it in a meat slicing accident while working in a fast food restaurant) Emanuel.

    • italco said

      I don’t have an issue with taking pro-active steps to un-do the foot print man makes on the earth.

      I also have no issue funding a crisis or disaster so long as it is managed properly.

      I agree with you on some of the Health care reform issues…the committee assigned to write the reform having personal holdings in the Insurance companies they govern…conflict of interest…no doubt.

      The initial financial scream of “the world will come undone if $700B isn’t handed over right away” came under President Bush when McCain ran to the hill to make sure he and his group got their cut. He even “cancelled” his campaign…lol

      Come On Man…isn’t it time to get behind your president and show some kind of support? The actions and attitudes of the conservative base is way out of line.

    • TD said

      Get behind my President?

      Look, Junior, it is time both you and this narcissistic creation of the media come to grips with the fact he or any President isn’t someone we follow.

      He is my employee. Salaried, housed, fed, transported, protected, and vacationed with the efforts of the 7-day work week that I have maintained and made productive for 20 years.

      I have no respect for such a thin-skinned whelp of child without self-earned accomplishment. I not only have no interest in getting behind him, I couldn’t care less if he gets behind us – which is what he is paid for.

      My only interest in him at all is that this Capitol Barackie, this Paris Hilton of the Potomac, this reality-denying reality show star get the hell out of our way.

      And reserve the whining “Oh, come on guys…” and touchy-feely “Show some support…” for the insecure and the meek, so desperate to follow anyone, anything that an empty suit behind a teleprompter sends tingling down their legs.

  4. italco said

    The GOP went on the attack before President Obama was even sworn in…and they haven’t quit. I have been watching and waiting for them to accept President Obama as their President and it still has not happened. Think it ever will?

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