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The GOP may be excused…

Posted by italco on December 19, 2009

Congress in-action

With all its flaws, the Senate health bill would be the biggest expansion of the social safety net since Medicare, greatly improving the lives of millions. Getting this bill would be much, much better than watching health care reform fail.

At its core, the bill would do two things. First, it would prohibit discrimination by insurance companies on the basis of medical condition or history: Americans could no longer be denied health insurance because of a pre-existing condition, or have their insurance canceled when they get sick. Second, the bill would provide substantial financial aid to those who don’t get insurance through their employers, as well as tax breaks for small employers that do provide insurance.

All of this would be paid for in large part with the first serious effort ever to rein in rising health care costs.

The result would be a huge increase in the availability and affordability of health insurance, with more than 30 million Americans gaining coverage, and premiums for lower-income and lower-middle-income Americans falling dramatically. That’s an immense change from where we were just a few years ago: remember, not long ago the Bush administration and its allies in Congress successfully blocked even a modest expansion of health care for children.

We are just lucky to get something out of all the deals that have been made.

All this came down to conservative and liberal Democrats filling each other’s stockings for Christmas. I sure am glad we didn’t have to fill the stockings of the GOP to get this Health Care Bill passed….LOL. 

 There wouldn’t have been anything left over for us “Citizens” if we had to buy their support as well.


6 Responses to “The GOP may be excused…”

  1. italco said

    It would appear the GOP finally got their voice back…lets see what they do with it…..or does this mean, now one of them can sell their vote?

  2. nite2day said

    Hey Italco..
    I have not been on here for a long time.. still watching the news and trying to make sense of all the arguements amoung the politicians!! It never ends!! I still believe President Obama is doing his job unlike a lot of hot air baloons in the Congress and Senate! They all need to be fired and start fresh! Everyone of them! But that will never happen…
    Wishing you all the best in 2010.. should be an interesting year… Yes.. Let us ALL move on now… good one..

    • italco said

      Hi Nite2day…been a while. A fresh start is an appealing thought. 2010 is here and they can’t say I didn’t warn them to get ready for this year way back when all the GOP could focus on was their hatred towards President Obama. They are a year too late in preparing themselves for this election and will probably end up losing even more seats in the House and the Senate. The key will be in the primaries…it will be fun to watch both sides rip themselves up before getting to the actual election…should be entertaining at least.

  3. Alfie said

    “Can we move on now?”
    No, now we have to actually pass it. Then we have to pay for it. Then we have to pay for all the things we did to pay for it.

    • italco said

      Kind of the same way we have to pay for the Iraq war / the blundered Katrina disaster / the rape, pillage, and mismanagement of the economy from 2002-2008 / and the money grab of the first bail out?

      At least this time we don’t have to pay for GOP support

  4. italco said

    Can we move on now?….Please!!

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