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The Palin Family Reality Show!!

Posted by italco on July 3, 2009


Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin announced Friday that she was quitting her job at the end of the month — unleashing a torrent of speculation about her plans, motivation and the political wisdom of such a seemingly confounding decision.

“I always thought after the race what she needed to do was go back to Alaska and be substantive, show she’s got a grasp of government and work for the good of the folks back home,” said Stuart Rothenberg, an independent campaign analyst in Washington. “This seems to be the exact opposite.”

“It’s a gob-smacking, jaw-hit-the-ground total kind of surprise,” said Ivan Moore, an independent political pollster in Anchorage who said Palin was a strong favorite to win a second term had she run next year. As for any presidential ambitions, “I can’t see how this move helps her,” Moore said. “In fact, quite the opposite. I think it’s terribly damaging.”,0,6231829.story

Many are speculating that the Palin’s plan on running for President in 2012. Personally, I think that is highly assumptive on their part. This isn’t about politics…she just ended her political career. This is about “money”. It has always been about money. They are going to do their own reality show.

I called it a long time ago. The Palin Family reality TV show. Move over John and Kate plus 8. The Palin family is going to mop up the ratings and bring home the money. Why not? Alaskan’s turned on her, the conservatives turned on her, the democrats whipped her (and McCain’s) butt in the last election, and the liberal media is always making fun of her. If I were her, I would quit too. Why slink off in dispare? Take the money and entertain us. The smartest decision they have made to date!!

What cracks me up are those idiots that think she could actually win a presidential race against President Obama. She can’t even finish a full term as a state Governor, what makes them think she would finish a full term as President Of The United States? I will be laughing when they announce their reality tv show…lmao (you see, they couldn’t accept money from the television stations so long as she was a governor…now they can)

President….ROFLMAO….thats is funny.


15 Responses to “The Palin Family Reality Show!!”

  1. Auntiebjw said

    Spreading the Love Around. Hope you enjoy.

  2. nite2day said

    Hey itlaco..I’ve been pretty busy so have not been on here at all lately.. Great to see you posting and it’s all great stuff too…
    Do you remember a pair of puppets called Punch and Judy?? well to me Palin is like one of those puppets.. I hope she gets her life together and becomes a sane person one day. Seeing her on the news again was very disturbing.. as she is clearly out of her league and her mind.
    She made no sense at all in either of the two interviews I saw on tv the other day.. How much more pathetic can she become? I mean really.. come on.. Reality show? OMG I hope not.. just watching her from last year was enough..besides that party does not need more strikes against them ….do they?? LOL They all seem to be in some kind of warped time zone.. called NOT REALITY! great post here guy…hope things are going better than the last time I heard from you..God Bless..

  3. wicked said

    I’d be interested to hear what her advance payment was on that bio. Does anyone know who’s publishing it?

    The problem with tell-all books and “star” bios is that they don’t always sell that well, but the “writer” (ha ha) gets a huge advance. In the publishing world, one must “earn out” the advance (sell enough books to cover it) before receiving any royalties. Publishers don’t tend to pay a huge % of cover price as royalties. All this is why you see the tell-all and “star” bios on the clearance tables. It’s the real writers of other books who are making up the losses incurred by the well-known.

    Oh, and the only books selling well in this depression/recession? Romance. Every woman loves a Happily Ever After.

  4. jammer5 said

    Yep, the longer this goes on, the more it seems money is playing the key part of her quitting. She fired a couple of people at human services, and I expect many more will join the ranks of the unemployed for garnering her wrath. Imagine: a female Limbaugh . . . nobody could be that cruel.

    • italco said

      I was not aware of the firing…so she goes on to make millions while those left behind clean up the mess and go on un-employment…that is a true leader in the making.

  5. Auntiebjw said

    This just in. I like astrologer Madam Lichtenstein. She read Palin’s and McCain’s charts, set out some warnings, and things happened just as the Madam said.

    Regarding Palin’s resignation, Madam Lichtenstein has written: responds said…
    “The question is – whatever her current future plans – will they pan out as she expects? I say no because of the timing of her decision that falls into an eclipse period.”

    • italco said

      Her timing has been off since the first TV interview she conducted…her problem is the way she answers questions…she starts out answering the question, then shifts her answer by using words she doesn’t understand, and then goes into another direction without coming back to her original thought. She is like watching an uneducated person trying to be intelligent. She has gotten by on her looks way too long in life.

  6. Auntiebjw said

    “She can’t even finish a full term as a state Governor, what makes them think she would finish a full term as President Of The United States? ”

    This deserves to be repeated. Any political position she seeks will no doubt result in the introduction of this logic. Sarah Palin quit. She quit a position that she asked the people of Alaska to give to her. She cannot ever be trusted to keep her oath of office again.

  7. Lette said

    Poor Larry was never ready for prime time. She couldn’t handle what she likes to dish out. She came out swinging. Now she’s having a hard time ducking!

  8. italco said

    Maybe her and Todd have an offshore account with UBS…lol…could their name be on the list?

  9. Her final straw must have been Obama not accepting that ridiculous race challenge. She’s saying to herself “I’ll show him!” (nose up in the air) 🙄

  10. Geonite said

    Everything about her has always been ROFLMAO

  11. ctlss said

    Great article, and you could be right. I know that she is due to go on a book tour to promote her up coming biographical work of fiction. You know the book that tells her life story??? And once she hits the road, if she isn’t governor then she is free to run around the country, selling her revisionist historical novel.

  12. italco said

    Now she can accept “personal gain” doing appearances throughout the media spectrum. They pay for train wrecks and controversy. I hope she always continues to try to be taken seriously because that is what makes her so entertaining. If she tries to be funny then she will lose her luster. What makes her so fun to watch is the way she unitentionally blunders her interviews….you find yourself waiting for it…funny stuff.

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