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FBI and CIA Combine Anti-Terror Efforts!

Posted by italco on May 31, 2009







I have never understood the separation of the CIA and the FBI. It always seemed to me that America would be much safer and much better off if the Justice Department and the CIA worked in harmony with one another. I am glad to see we have a President who agrees. After all, we are all on the same side. Why have two agencies working separately and not sharing vital information with the other. A combination of resources only makes sense.

Upon taking office in January, President Obama shut down the CIA’s secret “black site” prisons and forbade the use of coercive interrogation techniques.
That opened the door for an increased role for the FBI, which for the last year has deployed more agents and analysts overseas to work alongside the CIA, U.S. military and foreign governments. The initiative would mean even broader incorporation of the FBI and Justice Department into global counter-terrorism operations. Many national security officials said it is a vindication of the FBI, which before Sept. 11 had played a leading role in international terrorism investigations.
FBI agents for years had used non-coercive interrogations to thwart attacks, win convictions of Al Qaeda operatives and gain an encyclopedic knowledge of how the terrorist network operates. But they withdrew from questioning important suspects after the bureau opposed the tactics being used by the CIA and military — often by inexperienced civilian contractors. The harsh interrogations provided such bad information that U.S. agents spent years chasing false leads around the world, former FBI agent Ali Soufan testified before Congress two weeks ago. “It was one of the worst and most harmful decisions made in our efforts against Al Qaeda.”
Before Sept. 11, the FBI model of “informed” interrogation — knowing everything about a suspect to get them talking — was the preferred method of intelligence and military interrogators. Even veteran CIA agents said that abandoning that approach after Sept. 11 was counterproductive. “To use a contractor to ask the questions and not let the FBI guy who’s collected all the evidence and knows all of the intelligence about these guys, it makes no sense at all,” said former CIA counter-terrorism case agent Robert Baer.
One intelligence official said the FBI’s expanded role in the global fight against terrorism was a natural outgrowth of the Obama administration’s new priorities. “It stands to reason because, by executive order, the CIA is out of the long-term detention business,” the official said, referring to Obama’s closing of overseas prisons. Richard Clarke, a senior counter-terrorism official in the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, said the turnabout was long overdue.,0,3584591.story 

10 Responses to “FBI and CIA Combine Anti-Terror Efforts!”

  1. nursemyra said

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I don’t have an informed enough knowledge of american politics to comment on your posts, but i appreciate the visit

    • italco said

      no problem…your humor is enough…I have enjoyed your comments on YNB’s blog..This is more of an informational blog for people to come to, who want to learn about politics, and access resources for information on canidates in their area.

      Besides, most of us who think we know a lot still have much we can learn.

  2. marianna68 said

    It always seemed to me that America would be much safer and much better off if the Justice Department and the CIA worked in harmony with one another.

    amen to that. I have worked in the public sector almost all my life and it never surprises me how one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing.

  3. jruthkelly said

    Inter-agency cooperation always sounds like a good idea. Now if this would occur on the myriad levels now riddled with chaos and fragmentation!

  4. Geonite said

    I thought the FBI was supposed to deal with inside intelligence and the CIA with foreign intelligence. If that’s the case then some cooperation is a good thing but they should remain separate so they can each focus on their own areas.

  5. Lette said

    I meant, the reason the Executive Order came in the first place. You know, like having a watch dog! 😉

  6. Lette said

    I also think it’s a great idea. However, I can’t help but wonder if it’s because the FBI is on the same page as Obama regarding the interrogation tactics used by the CIA.

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