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He is coming to get you!!

Posted by italco on May 29, 2009



Your one last place to hide will be taken over by the government with the newly appointed “cyber czar”…just think, all those bloggers out there who have been spreading there “hate” messages all over the internet will now have to worry about the government watching their every move. If I were them, I would go deep into the internet underground and form an internet rebellion to counter such an invasion of government control. Not only has the government silenced your voice in congress now they are appointing a “czar” to silence your voice online…I see computers being shut down all over the world……I wonder if those of us who have praised President Obama will be rewarded for being good boys and girls? (in case you take this seriously…stop it…they aren’t after us…lol)

“To oversee an enhanced security system for the nation’s computer networks, Obama is creating a “cyber czar” as part of a long-awaited plan stemming from a review he ordered shortly after taking office.

On Friday, Obama is expected to lay out broad goals for dealing with cyber threats while depicting the U.S. as a digital nation that needs to provide the education required to keep pace with technology and attract and retain a cyber-savvy work force. He also is expected to call for a new education campaign to raise public awareness of the challenges and threats related to cyber security.”

“Government and military officials have acknowledged that U.S. computer networks are constantly assailed by attacks and scans, ranging from nuisance hacking to more nefarious probes and attacks. Some suggest that the actions at times are a form of cyber espionage from other nations, such as China.

Obama is not expected to announce who will get the job during Friday’s unveiling of the review, according to an administration official who spoke on condition of anonymity because the selection process is ongoing. Other officials close to the issue say a handful of experts — both in and out of government — are under consideration.”

Vett them well Mr. President!!


22 Responses to “He is coming to get you!!”

  1. nite2day said

    Great article italco..
    I hope some major clean up is done regarding cyberspace/internet. There are some very sick people on the internet and they thrive on lies and hate mongering! When a person slanders another for no reason just because they think it is a clever thing to do..I think they are in great need of phsycological help..Like lock them the hell up..after charging them with crimminal charges! There are those who lots of us are very aware of still doing this crap. I am amazed they have nothing else to do but slander people on the internet on various websites! What a pathetic existance! I hope there will be a way of tracking these stalkers/harassers/bullies from an official government agency site! A place where complaints that are serious attacks on people will be investigated properly….These people abuse the internet and the privilege of this communications system..they should be made examples of, charged taken to court and given some jail time plus a heavty fine! Maybe parting with the money and having a criminal record might discourage this growth in unacceptable behaviour towards other human beings who these preditors do not know! Easy to hide behind a computer isn’t it..Hope they make it impossible to hide..

  2. Geonite said

    This is about preventing malware not restricting freedom of speech.

  3. jruthkelly said

    You had me right up to the “deep internet underground…” Good one, Ed. Here’s to cake! : )

  4. Lette said

    I’ve heard of instances where the government will hire former hackers for roles like this. Who better to pinpoint computer weaknesses??

  5. Lette said

    LOL! You had me going for a minute there! I was going to start quoting lines from George Orwell’s 1984!

    • italco said

      LOL…We don’t need absolute power…what was one of the quotes? “Absolute power corrupts absoulutly”..I would have to check to see if that is correct…it has been a while. I think you and I would both stand up against that sort of thing…we would be joining the Conservatives if it were true…lol.

      It is kind of scary though…I sure hope the republicans come together and unite soon. One party system makes me a bit nervous even if it is the side I am on.

    • Lette said




      … Big Brother is watching!


  6. billalmighty said

    Lol. whoever they get is going to have to have excellent speed reading skills to target the millions of morons simultaneously spewing about this or that at any given moment. there’s a lot more cyber drama going on than just in the world of political bloggers. Every jealous 14 year old kid on the planet who talks trash about his competition over the same girl, is going to make the cyber-terrorist list. good luck with that, president O.

    i wish he wasn’t about to waste a bunch of money on this…it would make it funnier

    • italco said

      Bill – I agree, seems like a waste of money to me as well.

      This would probably be better left to the private sector…

  7. Well, I certainly could name a few people outside the government who he better not appoint!! 😉

  8. Alfie said

    I’ve seen this story before and it seems to be nothing but bureaucratic recycling. The truth is that for some time InfraGard has been on the job of working with entities such as the FBI to keep the cyber infrastructure as well as elements across other sectors. I gotta say I’m kinda yawning on this but will keep my eyes and ears open and my fingers crossed.

    • italco said

      I was using this story as a way of poking a little fun…all in good humor. I am very glad you came by and left a comment, Thanks.

  9. Marc said

    So, i tend to speedread – which led me to initially miss your disclaimer. I thought it was satire, but I was sitting there thinking, he isn’t going to put down a disclaimer. So first off, i’m a bit of a moron.

    Second, I’ve heard alot of net security gurus saying that this czar is not going to have enough power, which actually makes me feel rather good.

    Third, my understanding of the way out net services work is that our servers are chaoticly arranged and located that it would actually be real difficult to knock out our commercial internet purposes precisely because of how unarranged its been. Hence why the net hasn’t fallen up until this point, which is really a hell of a feat for any publicly provided utility, if you think about it.

    • italco said

      Marc – LOL…yeah, I was in a bit of a burn out and trying to force feed something intelligent into my mind to write on. I came up short, saw this, and decided to have a little fun. We have to break from being serious occaisionally to keep it interesting…

      Your second – The story link deplicts that exactly. The czar will be more an assistant rather than a government head.

      Your Third – I am not literate on the workings and a novice in that regard…I am completely dependant on the expertise of those responsible for the construction and management of the internet…they have my gratitutude for the soap box from which I spew…lol

      thanks for the comments

    • The Red Pill said

      “Your Third – I am not literate on the workings and a novice in that regard…I am completely dependant on the expertise of those responsible for the construction and management of the internet”

      Put a few dots randomly on a piece of paper and then draw a line connecting each dot to the ones around it.

      You’ll get the basic idea.

    • italco said

      Thanks goodness you got it because I did exactly what you said and am still clueless…lol.

    • The Red Pill said

      OK, now say each one of those dots is an Internet point.

      Now say you are at 1 of those points, trying to access information at a point on the opposite end. See all of the different routes you can take to get to that other point?

      Even if several of those points were cyber-attacked (erase some points in the middle of your diagram for visual effect), you would still have a route to that other point.

      That is what Marc is talking about. All of those points would have to be attacked…at the same time. And there are many thousands of them.

    • italco said

      And the light comes on….thanks Red.

      The only way they would be able to eliminate the internet is by hitting all points at once which seems impossible but using this logic, could be probable. It would have to be a sneak bomb…a time delayed virus planted at key areas throughout the system. Allow all the worker ants to carry the virus throughout and then kpow! No more internet! Makes you wonder….

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