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Governors Collaborate to do their part!!

Posted by italco on May 19, 2009

news governors

In September NGA Chair Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty launched the 2007-2008 NGA Chair’s Initiative – Securing a Clean Energy Future, proclaiming “America is ready for bold, innovative energy policies that will make us safer, more independent and better stewards of the planet. We’ve been asleep at the switch for too long – the time for action is now.”

 Securing a Clean Energy Future (SCEF) is designed to: 

  • Identify new opportunities for states to save energy, support clean alternatives and encourage deployment of new technologies;
  • Convene high-profile events and stakeholder meetings to advance this agenda;
  • Produce toolkits and guides that analyze and examine current best practices;
  • Establish state challenge grants for enhanced energy planning;
  • Explore state compacts and state-industry partnerships that address initiative policy goals.
  • Raise state and national awareness of the importance of clean energy; 

In November, Minnesota Gov. Pawlenty and SCEF Taskforce co-chair Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius announced a groundbreaking public-private partnership with Google and Intel Corporation’s Climate Savers Computing Initiative, that aims to reduce energy use from computers, servers and related equpment. 

In December, the SCEF Initiative held the Governors’ Summit on Alternative Transportation Fuels and Advanced Vehicles, in Tampa, Florida. Florida Gov. Charlie Crist joined Gov. Pawlenty, Gov. Sebelius, and Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer during a Governors’ Roundtable to discuss alternative transportation fuels, clean vehicles and other technologies and policies that offer the potential to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and lower greenhouse gas emissions. 

At the Governors Summit the governors released A Call to Action, a report outlining the current energy challenges the United States faces, defining the role of states in developing clean energy in the future and presenting a roadmap for states interested in achieving the goals of the SCEF Initiative. 

For more information on the Securing a Clean Energy Future initiative, please visit To speak with one of NGA’s experts on this issue, please contact the NGA Office of Communications at 202-624-5301.

This is an informational post with links to various places of interest. I hope you enjoy. I find it interesting to see what different government groups are doing. I am happy to see the Governors Association come together in an effort to address our concerns.


13 Responses to “Governors Collaborate to do their part!!”

  1. Ann Nonomus said

    Italco- you have been busy! Good job- love how you’ve fixed up the blog even more! And thanks for this post-very informative-we’ll see what comes of this and thanks for the link! Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  2. Geonite said

    The question is how they define clean energy. Some people define nuclear reactors and biofuels as clean energy.

  3. nevenera said

    Hey Italico,
    Taking a break for a while. Take care

  4. nevenera said

    Jeeze Italico, you are really posting lots of stuff, more than on ireports lol.

    Still plowing through….

    Will check out the sites in your post. As usual interesting stuff!

    • italco said

      Thank you Nev…I like it here better than ireports. I am pleasantly surprised. No drama here. Every stranger I meet is pleasant respectful. Much more to choose from and your reports never get burried under someone elses. I can add page after page…all the stuff i used when doing research for my ireports I can display here for everyone to use. I can also go back and forth from topics of interest that I put up on my site. I am thinking about putting up a page on Legal issues (criminal and civil), another on Insurance issues and concerns, and one on Medical. What would be really cool is to get an insurance broker to author the insurance stuff, a legal expert to man the legal stuff, and someone in the medical field to man the medical stuff. I am currently looking for an expert in Alternative Energy to join the blog as well. Have like 4 or 5 experts on here as authors that people can communicate with.

  5. very encouraging!

  6. jruthkelly said

    Great post…

    This one strikes me as especially important from their list: “Enhanced coordination across government agencies and levels of government, as well as between states and regions;” It’s shocking how uncoordinated the agencies are on so many levels. Makes the good plans impotent to do their best.

    And I’m disgusted there’s no southern state on the task force.

  7. Marc said

    Welcome to the WordPress Political Bloggers forum Italco!

    Since you brought up Sebelius and energy in the same post, I have to express how upset I am to see her go as Governor of Kansas. I know why she left, Obama’s going to make healthcare the primary focus and hook to hang his hat on for the 4 years and Sebelius can ride that star a bit and gain some national level experience prior to running to a national office (my personal feelings are that she’s O’s favorite for a 2016 successor and first-woman-president-after-a-first-black-president. She’ll be 68, old but not Reagan or McCain old). However, I really admired her stance against new coal plants in Kansas, and felt there are plenty of out qualified people who could of filled the HHS post. I worry sometimes that to much of the Democratic Party’s talent has attached itself to Obama’s star, and if that star falters or fails, the talent will go with him.

    • italco said

      Thank you Sir. I was very glad to find it….amazing what you can find when you go surfing…lol. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. I agree with your assesment on Sebelius. My eldest Daughter and son-in-law live in Topeka and they were very pleased with the work she did/does. President Obama needs all the “quality” help he can find. I don’t think he is hanging his hat on one singular issue, however. He has so many pokers in the fire that I hope he can find other qualified help for each of the areas he has going. I do agree, if this Heathcare plan works…he is Golden.

  8. highplainsgirl said

    The thing that’s concerning me about this current clean energy move is the focus on “Clean Coal”. That’s total baloney, there is no such thing. Shoving a bunch of CO2 down into a hole and capping it off is an experiment, that’s all it is. The probable result will be CO2 seeping back out through cracks in the rocks. Liquid petroleum stays in the ground, CO2 is volatile.

    Anyway, what Obama is doing is DEFinitely more than anything Bush the denier did.

    • italco said

      I agree…there is no such thing as clean coal. They name it that when it should say “cleaner coal”. I don’t know if you have looked at the clean coal solutions under the heading “Green Companies and info” here on my blog. It shows a company that has reduced the emmissions in burning coal cleaner than the standard way it is burned now…the key is still to get away from carbon all together but what do we do in the mean time. We have to have electricity and we have to be able to afford it.

      I am all for placing caps and finding better ways to utilize what we have for now but support the continued research in an affordable alternative. It is like learning to walk before we can run.

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