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Pakistan Fighting It’s Own Battles!!

Posted by italco on May 13, 2009


The Pakistan army, which is fighting in Swat Valley and two neighbouring districts in North-West Frontier Province (NWFP), is planning to begin a new offensive in the badlands of the Waziristan tribal areas as early as next month, sources told The Daily Telegraph.

“The army is planning to go into Waziristan, possibly in June, which will involve huge numbers of troops in an attempt to establish some sort of state control over the area,” said a source close to the Pakistani military.

The Pakistan army has already deployed 130,000 troops in NWFP and the tribal areas. Some 80,000 of that figure are members of the paramilitary Frontier Corps.


What a wonderful change of strategy. Has anyone else noticed the change? The mighty American military isn’t leading the charge against the Taliban. Thank you, Pakistan! I admire a country that fights for the freedoms of it’s citizen against the threat of tyranny…I can support a country that will help themselves. Pakistan is earning the respect of the world for the actions they are taking against terrorism.


7 Responses to “Pakistan Fighting It’s Own Battles!!”

  1. marianna68 said

    I am relieved as a veteran and still serving in the US military, that a country has the balls to stand up to these freaks and have now killed a substantial amount of them. Thank GOD!

    • italco said

      I admire your service and felt very much the same way. I love the fact that other countries are willing to stand up for what they believe in. Our soldiers have been sholdering most of it. Thank you and all those who serve with you. I like a woman in Uniform…;). I hear women say that about men in uniform all the time.

  2. italco said

    Amazing how cooporative other countries are when they aren’t being dictated to. I suppose we better blame this on President Obama. President Obama, how dare you treat other countries with respect and help them fight against terrorists in their territories (stated with all the sarcasm I could write). What are you thinking?

  3. Lette said

    Good morning italco! I come with a gift for you. Hope this makes you smile!

    • italco said

      I smile when ever I see you. The story you wrote was great. Larry made a book deal? How fun will that be?…lol. Between him and Joe the plumber, I am not sure which book I would use for kindling and which I would wipe with.

  4. Hold your horses there, italco. Don’t act so smug. There is obviously a negative in this somewhere that us kool-aid drinking Obama supporters can not see. I’m sure the GOP will disclose it to us shortly.

    • italco said

      LOL – You are right. I was being a little over the top in my story. I decided to remove the sarcasam from the story and put it in the comments here. I guess the kool-aide over powered my sense of fair play….hehe. Thanks for coming over and saying hi.

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