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NY Jets Running Back Issues

Posted by italco on May 12, 2009

 Jets Leon Washinton Leon Washington #29           Jets Thomas Jones Thomas Jones #20                                                   

Two of the New York Jets’ top running backs — Leon Washington and Thomas Jones— are reportedly unhappy with their contracts and are skipping off season workouts.

That’s bad news for Jets rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez, the team’s top draft pick who will need a strong running game if he starts from day one.

Washington, the Jets’ dynamic running back/kick returner, skipped the first day of the Jets’ organized team activities Monday amid reports he’s unhappy with his current contract, which has a base salary of $535,000.

Jones, 30, the team’s No. 1 running back, has been a no-show for all of the team’s workouts this off season. Jones is scheduled to make $900,000 in 2009, the third season of a four-year, $20 million contract he agreed to when he was acquired from the Bears in 2007. He made $13.1 million in the first two seasons of his contract.


I have issues with what these two guys are doing. First of all, shouldn’t  players be  top performers in the game before they earn the entitlement of a no show over a contract dispute?

These two guys are not good enough to put their team in jeopardy like this. I like both players and believe Washington has great potential. He carried the ball 25% of the time and actually scored 8 touch downs last year. In comparison, Jones is a 10 year established back and still has talent, however, he had a respectable season with over 1500 total yards and 15 touch downs…that being said, only 5 games did he have over 100 yards rushing and didn’t score in 7 of the 17 games he played. Consistency isn’t his strong point.

These two guys need to start thinking about their game before holding out for more money. Their “whats in it for me” attitudes will have a negative effect on the entire team. Pull your heads out boys…you need the practice!!


6 Responses to “NY Jets Running Back Issues”

  1. blabbylips said

    I like the Giants,,,,,and the Steelers.
    Actually, the Steelers were my team for many many years….
    Eventually, the local teams wore me down…..lolol

    • italco said

      I like the Jets too…But the Giants are the team I have loved since childhood and even though the players aren’t loyal the true fans are. Same applies to Baseball…Yankee’s baby…all the way. Glad A-Rod is back.

  2. blabbylips said

    I agree with what you are saying Ed…It’s horrible how this game is all about the individual and money…..and no longer about the team, city, and fans…..
    I miss the days when players stayed with one team for their whole career,,,and the team stuck behind their players……things changed in the 80s and they never returned to normal…

  3. blabbylips said

    GO JETS……

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