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He Chose Who?

Posted by italco on May 10, 2009

powell02  asshole1  limbaugh

I am completely at a loss. I love the republican party even though I am a registered Democrat (moderate).  Colin Powell would win, hands down, in just about any election he ran for office in. I admire this man.

VP Cheney, You would pick Rush Limbaugh over Colin Powell to lead the republican party????  I would love to debate you on that.

I find your remarks offensive to the service Colin Powell has done for our country. I remember the first Iraq war…General Colin Powell was a hero to me and millions of other Americans. What exactly is Rush Limbaugh’s credentials? I am certainly thankful you no longer make the decisions for this country. Thank you for your service as VP but you are dismissed. You may go away now.

Thank you President Obama, you could not have come at a better time.


10 Responses to “He Chose Who?”

  1. jruthkelly said

    Dropping in to say hello and “hear hear” on this one. Colin Powell in any race has my vote. I find the republican party so embarrassing I can’t stand to be called such. So, call me Democrat. American. Citizen Earth. Thanks for the hello and feel free to come cross swords with me anytime. I do rant a bit! (Um, but I don’t know a Giant from a er…yeah.) Great blog here…

    • italco said

      I like Earth Citizen…let me try that on, “I am an Earth Citizen”…it has a certain ring to it. That could be a good name for a 3rd party. The Earth Citizen Party (a group of Moderate thinking Americans). I tend to call myself a moderate thinker that leans left. I do love nature and am drawn in that direction as well.

      Feel welcome to “rant” on my post anytime. As for the Giants…we can’t all love football ;). Being a sports fan is not a pre-requisite. Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment.

  2. highplainsgirl said

    I would have voted for Colin Powell, had he run. He’s a respectable, moderate Republican. Cheney? Limbaugh? Not even in the same league.

    I strongly believe that if the Republican party wants to ‘purify itself of moderate voices’ then it should go right ahead and do that!! Where do they think the spurned majority will go when they kicked them in the ass? Crawling back to the Republican party? Haha, sure.

    • italco said

      Exactly, I was in shock when I heard this nonsense coming from our former Vice President. Seriously, why do they think the democrats won….the moderate republican changed sides. Conservitives need to come center or they are going to become the minority party.

  3. d'mangoman said

    hey buddy…just dropped in to see what your new digs are all about…nothing specific to comment on but just dropped in to say hi! cheers…

    • italco said

      Good to see you sir. Drop in anytime. Share your thoughts. Use the info provided…thats what is all here for. Take care.

  4. Lette said

    This is the problem with the party today. I have a problem with the whole them or us attitude. It’s no longer about the country. Only winning and losing!

    • italco said

      Thats a big part of the problem that is no doubt. When we lost we didn’t act like this. We got behind President Bush. It wasn’t until after he declaired victory in Iraq before we all finally realized it was a lie. If you are an American, you get behind your president…not these guys…no. They act more Anti-American government than the Iranian President. I have never seen such poorly behaved Americans in my entire life. I am even more ashamed of their behavior now than I was when they were in power.

  5. I don’t have time to read the entire article, but from what I did read it just re-confirms what I have already thought for months now, and that is there is no such thing as bi-partisonship for most politicians. I think our President is trying to break that mold, but he has his work cut out for him on both sides of the fence.

    • italco said

      I think Colin Powell will reach across the aisle, in fact, he did when he indorsed President Obama in the presidential election. We need more republicans willing to reach across…and more democrats reaching the other way.

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