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Happy Mothers Day!

Posted by italco on May 10, 2009

First Family

A time when family come together and honor the women who make family their priority. Happy mothersday ladies. I hope you are all spoiled rotten today.


15 Responses to “Happy Mothers Day!”

  1. ctlss said

    What a great pic, italco. Thanks for remembering us on Mother’s Day, and thanks for posting a link to the Cardinals. You can tell a lot about a man by how he treats his mother.

    • italco said

      My mother is spoiled…lol…so is my wife. Come to think about it, I spoil my daughters as well. All these women and you would think it would be me that was spoiled….you would be correct!!

  2. blabbylips said

    Thank You Ed,,,,been out gardening all day….Beautiful day in Jersey…..
    It’s a tradition for me to get up, go to the plant store and buy whatever my heart desires and then plant it while listening to my Ipod….I am not responsible for dinner, just what I want to eat….Today felt like a barbecued chicken, corn on the cob, and fresh mozzarella with tomatoes…
    Perfect Day….my back hurts from all the work I did…and it’s a good kind of hurt. The hurt of accomplishment…Hope your wife had a perfect day too….Hugs Blabs

    • italco said

      Open yourself an account so I can add you to my friends list. My wife is at her mothers and having a great time. You sound in need of a message. Is that hubby slipping?…lol

    • blabbylips said

      Very Funny….If I can make comments don’t I already have an account?
      I am technology stunted….

    • italco said

      Ok…I snagged your url by just putting your handle in front of Not sure if it is correct. let me get it all figured out then I will meet you on IM and walk you through it.

  3. I wonder what he’s doing for Michelle today? Hopefully, he and the girls treated her to a very special day! Great post, Italco!

    • italco said

      I am willing to bet he treats her like the mother she is. He not only loves his wife, he respects her. That is a true role model family. Thank you for the compliment. I hope your day is special.

  4. nite2day said

    I love this photo!! Happy Mother’s Day.. Love the post italco..Good job!!

  5. Lette said

    Thank you italco! What beautiful picture you posted!

  6. italco said

    What a beautiful Family!

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