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NY Giants

Posted by italco on May 8, 2009

Am I allowed to cuss on this site? When the Giants lose I do that a lot!


59 Responses to “NY Giants”

  1. 1zebra said

    Hi Italco! You have done a great job on your WordPress post’s.

    • italco said

      well hello there Z…come on in and make yourself comfortable. Do you have a favorite team?

    • 1zebra said

      My team is the Kansas City Chiefs.

    • italco said

      It is lucky you are so beautiful Z because your team choice leaves a lot to be desired…lol.

      I talk smack when it comes to football…feel free to give it back.

      Your team link is on the board…anyone want to declair their favorite team please do so and I will post your teams link here as well.

  2. blabbylips said

    I am a huge Jets fan….but Giants are my second favorite…SO as long as they are not playing each other,,,I will route for them……They did give me the most exciting and memorable Superbowl I have ever seen…and I have always hated the Patriots…..

    • italco said

      lmao – I can get along well with a Jets fan. Send me your url on wordpress or I can get it from what ever blog site you have besides ireport…doesn’t seem to link to ireport. We will put a jets link on here for you.

    • blabbylips said

      What are you talking about a url???? Are you under the impression that I know computers?

  3. Okay, I’ll settle with the green graphic! Thanks, italco! 😉

  4. AHHH…I see I now have the green graphic avatar. This green graphic I have on some wordpress sites and on other wordpress sites I have those funky creatures.

  5. Now, you have to work on the avatar thing! 🙂

    • italco said

      what would you like to be …lol

    • italco said

      you know what would be fun?…if you could upload your own pics for other peoples avatar. Probably good they don’t allow that…most women would be naked…lmao.

    • I think it’s a random thing. Voiceofthegods seemed surprised when my popped up. It’s got to be a setting on wordpress for non-wordpress commenters.

  6. Thanks! 😉

  7. italco said

    There you go ladies…your teams links as requested.

  8. Ann Nonomus said

    Ok, since this is a “football” post- you can add the OHIO STATE BUCKEYES to my name- I don’t follow the NFL, but do love college football! 🙂

  9. Okay….I see everyone has their teams, so go ahead and add the Braves for me!! 🙂

    BTW… WordPress must have some kind of setting for users like me (non-wordpress) to to receive really cool avatars when commenting on different blogs. I have a couple of of really funky ones. On VoiceoftheGods I have a monster face and on another site I have a cool looking bug with lots of legs. On your site, Italco, all I have is a boring gray silhouette. That definitely needs to change (or I’m not coming back)! 😉

  10. Ann Nonomus said

    East W L PCT GB L10 STRK
    Toronto 21 12 .636 – 6-4 W1
    Boston 19 12 .613 1.0 5-5 L1
    Tampa Bay 15 17 .469 5.5 7-3 W1
    New York 14 16 .467 5.5 4-6 L1
    Baltimore 13 18 .419

    Yes, my dear friend italco- I see what you mean about needing to hold
    your nose!LOL! Those poor Yankees! tsk,tsk!lol! Have A Great day! 🙂

    • italco said

      Watch out, A-Rod is back…we were just keeping things warm and now we will turn up the heat…that is when the smell of burning socks will pollute the air…hehehe! Happy Mothers Day.

  11. italco said

    They know…but they get the big bucks for taking the risk of getting caught.

  12. italco said

    My brother in-law and his wife and children are all die hard Boston fans. They finally feel good about themselves. I am happy for Boston but enough is enough now….lol

  13. ctlss said

    Yep, I agree. I cannot believe that after getting caught, you would not quit using steroids. Not only that but the to say you didn’t know. LOL Come on!!

  14. italco said

    Its all good…I think most of them are guilty of pushing the substance enhancers envelope. I am glad they have made it so it isn’t common place anymore but don’t think a witch hunt is necessary. Just end the practice and move on.

  15. ctlss said

    I love baseball, but must confess that I don’t keep up with the other teams as much as I should. What did you think about Manny Ramirez?

  16. italco said

    You know your baseball…my kind of people.

  17. ctlss said

    italco, I’m sorry but there is only one team in baseball and it is the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cards and the Royals are both in first. It may be a very exciting year for us in Missouri!!

    • italco said

      well lets keep this place a sportmans conduct place…I will post a link to your team…NP, but don’t expect me to root for them….lol

    • ctlss said

      It’s a deal, italco. Asking a New York fan to root for the Cardinals is akin to torture. But then asking a Cardinal’s fan to root for any New York team is also. LOL We will conduct our selves in proper sportsman like conduct.

      In that vein, the Cardinal’s are getting their butts handed to them tonight. Their pitching tonight is simply awful. And Tony LaRussa is not helping things by leaving Kyle Losch in to die.

  18. nite2day said

    This place is very cool…very nice place..friendly and calm and fun…
    What a difference a change makes LOLOL LMAO
    your site looks great italco…

    • italco said

      Why Thank you dear. I cleaned it all up and hung a few decorations…lol. Wait untill I get my beat the drum and 2010 countdown pages up…it will be my little sanctuary…lol

  19. Ann Nonomus said

    BTW- Never realized you are such a handsome devil! 🙂

  20. Ann Nonomus said

    Hey italco! Love your “new” home! Very nice job! ctlss- we could change the Yanks to the RED SOXS! Then the place would be perfect!lol!
    Great job, glad you are here!

    • italco said

      Tell ya what Ann…if you want, I wall add the Red Sox link but will have to hold my nose while I do it…lol

  21. Spontaneous :-P said

    Hello italco!!

    How are you? We miss you! I love your new home and those eyes are sweet! 😛

    • italco said

      Hiya Spon – Thank you! You make a grown man blush. Glad you stopped by for a visit. You are certainly always welcome.

  22. italco said

    Ctlss – I bartend at “numbers place” but a beautiful lady like you shouldn’t go around the web thirsty. Here you are dear. Thanks for the compliment. It is a work in progress. I am liking the nest so far.

  23. ctlss said

    Hey, italco. Nice place you have here. Love the decorations, but maybe we could change it to Cardinal’s baseball?? And I could use an Absinthe! Straight up, no ice, no sugar, no water!!

  24. vickyholder said

    Hey Italico just saying hi. Will try to keep up with this site too. But don’t forget us poor folks on ireport though.

    • italco said

      I would never forget about you. If only I was 10 years younger and single. I look forward to commenting on your opinions for a long time to come.

  25. Lette said

    Ha, ha! I got you back you handsome devil!

  26. Lette said

    Anytime, My Love! 😉

  27. nite2day said

    Rum & cola with ice and fresh lime please LOLOL it’s meeeee….

  28. italco said

    Thank you lette. You are an inspiration of knowledge.

  29. italco said

    edited the time stamp but it doesn’t seemed to auto edit the comments here.

  30. Lette said

    I think you need to fix your time stamp! 😉

  31. Lette said

    Hey italco!

  32. italco said

    We are going to kick some ass this year, baby!

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